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Ann Taylor Summer Collection for the Win

Ann Taylor 2017 Summer Collection

Summer is finally here! Yay! And even though I have a closet full of clothes, with the new season, my wardrobe needed a slight update. Now, I typically try to purchase staple pieces that transition well from season to season and aren’t too trendy that my wardrobe frequently requires a major overhaul. I sprinkle in a few trendy pieces here and there that coordinate well with pieces I already own and to keep my wardrobe fresh.

So with that in mind, I set out to purchase a few pieces that would coordinate well with items currently in my closet. I headed to the mall to stop by my current go-to store, but before I got there I decided to make a pit stop at Ann Taylor  (Ann is one of my go-to stores as well but it had been out of my rotation for a little while). Luckily I did, because their current collection is everything, and I found exactly what I needed for my slight update, plus more. Ann Taylor summer collection for the win! And because I loved the pieces I purchased, I’m highlighting a few of my favs. 

White Ruffle Top

Let’s start with the white ruffle top. To be completely honest, I wasn’t on the romantic top train when they initially made a come back last year, but as time has passed my perception has adjusted a little more in their favor. The ruffle on the top pictured adds a little flair without being too flashy, and the top itself is extremely versatile.  You’ll probably see me pair this top with several looks. In this photo, I paired the top with a pencil skirt I already owned. The good thing about this skirt is it transitions from season to season .

Ann Taylor White Flounce Ruffle Top

Yellow Cold Shoulder Blouse

If you’ve seen my Instagram page, you know I was on the fence about where/how to wear this yellow cold shoulder blouse. Is it okay for business? It is more of a weekend look? Can it transition easily to both!? Since cold shoulder tops are everywhere you turn now and because I consider Ann Taylor a brand aimed at professional women, I assumed it was meant for the workplace. But I still wasn’t sure if I could pull this top off at work or if I should save it for the weekend.  Well, I tried it at work and felt pretty comfortable (I also didn’t get any crazy looks). Yet, I’m thinking I may save it for weekends going forward. However, if you work in a relaxed environment you may be able to pull it off without a hitch.

                                                                             Ann Taylor Cold Shoulder Yellow Bell Sleeve Top

Colorful Flounce Skirt

When I walked into the store my eyes were immediately drawn to a  brightly colored stripped pencil skirt  (of course I grabbed it to try on), but when I saw the flounce skirt I put the pencil skirt back and picked up the flounce skirt instead.  The flounce skirt isn’t my typical go-to silhouette, but it’s something about the pattern that’s mesmerizing. The movement and flow of the skirt are also enamoring. I think it would look good on just about any body type. I also picked up this shirred blouse at Ann Taylor and knew it would be a great addition to my wardrobe.  It can be paired with many other pieces as well and easily transitions from work to weekend. 

Ann Taylor Pleated Block Print Skirt 

If you’re looking for a few new work pieces to incorporate into your existing wardrobe, or if you’re looking for a few pieces to go from work to weekend, Ann Taylor’s Summer Collection is a great place to start. Just a heads up, a few pieces may have been late spring/early summer items, but I checked the website and they’re all still available.  

Thanks so much for reading! If you like these looks or have other recommendations for summer work wear, drop a note in the comments!

Photos by Anthony Ferrell


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  1. I love all the color! Especially the flounce skirt. great post girl

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