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Christmas is just around the corner and luckily (depending on how much progress you’ve made) the plight to find gifts for everyone on your Christmas list is nearing an end. From holiday parties to traveling to see family and friends to bouncing around from one store to the next and scouring the net to find the perfect gift, it’s hard to squeeze everything in, including shopping for the people you love. To help you quickly glide though your shopping list (and because Opry Mills has kindly sponsored this post), I curated a gift guide stocked with items I would give my love, BFF, crew, and all. 

Because it’s my list, the gifts are based on my perspective. However, you can easily swap the categories to fit your needs. And since I know you’d rather be shopping than reading, I won’t belabor the intro any longer and will just hop into my Opry Mills One-Stop Shop holiday gift guide.

Merry Gifts for My Love

Merry Gifts for My Love

J. Crew Socks: $10.50 (plus additional 50% – 60% off – Storewide Event)

Cole Haan Kennedy Boots: $150 (reduced price)

Cosmetic Market: Jack Black shave essentials  $25

Bed Bath and Beyond: Slow Melting Sphere and Jumbo Cubes $14

Express Slim Fit Dress Shirt: $54.95 (plus additional 50% off – Storewide Event)

Merry Gifts for BFFs


Kate Spade Two Tone Gloves: $98 (plus additional 50% off)

Aldo Long Multi-Chain Necklace: $15

Molly Green Lapcos Candle: $24

Molly Green Skirt:  $52

Molly Green Top: $52 

Merry Gifts for My Crew


Franchescas: 80s/90s trivia game $12

Cosmetic Market:  Smashbox Try It Kit (a collection of Smashbox superstars) $24 

Kate Spade Bangle:  $58 (plus additional 60% off)

J. Crew: Pajama SET  $34.75 (plus additional 50% off)

Cosmetic Market: Local Economy Hand and Body Lotion Nashville $18

Merry Gifts for All


Cosmetic Market: Shower Burst Stress Buster $5.25

Cosmetic Market: The love that lava pumice (made from cooled volcanic lava infused with minerals)  $4.50

Bed Bath and Beyond: Kitchen Aid 5q Artisan Stand Mixer, metallic chrome, sale price $279.99

Woops Macarons (Box of 12 on sale for $25 – other sale prices vary. Contact store for more details.)

Gymboree top and pant set: $26.95 (plus additional 50% off – Store Wide Sale)

Opry Mills is the largest outlet and value retail shopping destination in Tennessee offering more than 200 retailers, including name brand outlets, value retailers, and full price stores. With the large variety of stores at varying price points and specialties, Opry Mills lends itself to just about anyone’s shopping preferences and budget. You’ll also be happy to know that I curated the list above in just about two hours. So, even though the stores are plentiful, mapping out your own gift guide is totally manageable and you only have to make one-stop. For more about Opry Mills, click here. For their extended holiday hours, click here

9 Replies to “One-Stop Shop for Everyone on your Holiday Shopping List”

  1. I love all of your picks! Opry Mills has so many amazing things to choose from!

  2. Great suggestions, I need to grab a few last minute gifts and a couple off that list will work perfectly! Loved the categories, but for some reason I expected to see one for sisters.

    1. Yay! I’m glad the list gave you some inspiration! Thanks for reading!

  3. I can’t wait to get all my gifts!! The BFF category looks like a winner to me. Great post. All of the suggestions were helpful.

    1. Haha! It’ll be paired down just a tad, but I’m sure you’ll like it. This may have been the easiest category for me to curate. Lol. Thanks for reading!

  4. This is such a great gift guide. I love how it’s broken down by category and the prices were given. I’m always very late on buying gifts so this definitely helped.

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